Water Canal 1

Water Canal 1. Overview

The Water Canal 1 is one part of the big Location: Water Canal in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultmate Carnage. This track in the Water Canal .


"Neighborhood of small apartments situated near the canals. Alternative routes take you over rooftops and through narrow tunnels."

FlatOut 2 eraEdit

FlatOut 2 Water Canal 1

FlatOut 2 Water Canal 1

In FlatOut 2, this is the second track in the Canal series. It features a school with parked cars, a downtown area with buildings to smash through, and various other things that makes it one of the best tracks of the series.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage eraEdit


FOUC. Water canal 1- day


FOUC. Water canal 1- sunrise

In FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage the track has been changed drastically, but is still the same layout as the FlatOut 2 rendition. It was updated and revamped to max out the potential of the game engine.