Timberlands 3 overview

Timberlands 3 overview

The Timberlands 3 is one part of the big Location: Timberlands in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultmate Carnage.

This track in the Forest.


Taking a detour through rush pine tree valleys, the route runs through a major logging area.

FlatOut 2 eraEdit

FlatOut 2 Timberlands 3

FlatOut 2 Timberlands 3

FlatOut 2. Gameplay.

In FlatOut 2 there aren't too much scenery objects. In the major area you need more concentrate to race here clean, without mistakes. But it makes this track better!

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage eraEdit


FOUC. Timberlands 3- sunrise

Timberlands 3 in FOUC. Sunrise.

In FOUC the Timberlands 3 has been changed.

Now, you can race by day and sunset. This means that you can change the time of day and play with different map's lights.


FOUC. Timberlands 3- day

Timberlands 3 in FOUC. Day. easy