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A stock Thunderbolt at the junkyard in FlatOut

The Thunderbolt is a Gold Class car in FlatOut. With a massive 7.2 Liter V8 engine and relatively low weight, it is one of the most formidable cars available to players toward the end of the game.


The Thunderbolt is a rather large muscle car, and, like many other cars in the Gold Class, is powered by a large-displacement V8 engine. Due to its light weight and brutally high power, it is an extremely fast and competitive car with the highest power-to-weight ratio in the game. However, the car's light weight tends to act as its Achilles Heel: It is easily thrown around if struck by a car, debris or (in some unfortunate cases) a ragdoll. Its light weight also causes the car to slide around more than other cars in the Gold Class, but it makes up for these issues with its high power-to-weight ratio and high top speed.

In demolition derbies, the Thunderbolt is an excellent choice, as it has great structural integrity (even if the cosmetic damage appears to be bad), and can take a fair number of hits before failing. That being said, its light weight becomes a problem, especially when it is hit by heavier cars in the arena. However, if driven properly, the car has a high likelihood of succeeding due to its strength.


  • The Thunderbolt has the highest power-to-weight ratio in the game, making it a great choice for players who can afford it.
  • It is one of the two most expensive cars in the game at $15,000. The other is the Blade, which costs the same.
  • As noted above, the car tends to be pushed noticeably by ejecting ragdolls. It has been seen, albeit rarely, that ragdolls can even flip the car over, given the proper circumstance. This is extremely difficult to do, however.
  • It appears to be modeled after the first generation Dodge Challenger, or possibly the Plymouth Roadrunner.
  • When fully upgraded, the car makes an astonishing 460 horsepower, making it a formidable racer.