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Splitter. Just Splitter.

Splitter is a Derby Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

The Splitter is a Sports Coupe loosely based on the Opel Manta B and back looks from 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix. The car also look a lot like a 1982 Chevy Camaro, mainly a base model one.

It's driven by Jill Richards in Derby races.

FlatOut 2 era[]

Splitter in Flatout 2.

Redline: 6.000 rpm

Price: 12000 CR

Drive: FWD

Stock Performance[]

  • Top Speed 4.5 (231 km/h)
  • Acceleration 6.8 (5 Gears)
  • Handling 6.6
  • Strength 8.1
  • Weight 5.1
  • Nitro 2.0

Upgraded Performance[]


FlatOut 2. Splitter test

The test of Splitter

  • Top Speed 6.4 (265 km/h)
  • Acceleration 8.0 (5 Gears)
  • Handling 7.8
  • Strength 7.6
  • Weight 5.8
  • Nitro 5.1

FlatOut 2. Splitter race

FlatOut 2. The race with Splitter


FlatOut 2. Splitter derby

FlatOut 2. Splitter. Derby

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage era[]

Splitter in FO:UC

In FOUC the Splitter has been changed.

  • Top Speed 5,5
  • Acceleration 6.4
  • Handling 6.6
  • Strength 8.7
  • Weight 3.6
  • Nitro 5,5

FOUC. Splitter race

Splitter in FOUC. Race.


FOUC. Splitter derby

Splitter in FOUC. Derby.


FOUC. Splitter time trial.

Splitter in FOUC. Time Trial.


  • The Splitter has a V8 engine, carburated.
  • Despite being front wheel-drive, the Splitter has a driveshaft going to the rear axle, and no front driveshafts. Its real-life counterpart, the Opel Manta B, is rear-wheel drive as well.
  • Splitter is th only derby car that have 5 gearbox, clean derby car and some of the Race Class vinyl.

Splitter in Real Life, front view.

Splitter in Real Life, rear view.

Splitter in Real Life, side view.