Speedshifter in Flatout 2

Speedshifter is a Street Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

Flatout 2 EraEdit

In FlatOut 2, Speedshifter resembles a 1968-69 Chevrolet Chevelle mixed with a Australian 1971 Ford Falcon XB GT.

Its top speed is on par with the Speedevil (4.6 in Flatout 2), but with worse acceleration, better handling and powerslide capabilities, and much better high-jump recoveries due to going down straight, not nose-first like the Speedevil.

The Speedshifter has changed significantly in Flatout Ultimate Carnage. It has improved acceleration. The main change is a much heavier weight and higher strength that makes it on par with the Scorpion. The changes have made it a decent derby car as well.

Technical DataEdit

  • Redline: 5.500 rpm/6500rpm (FOUC)
  • Class:Street Class
    2011-12-02 00067

    Speedshifter in FOUC

  • Type:Muscle Car
  • Capacity:2 Door
  • Cost:46000
  • Drive:RWD
  • 0-100 km/h............ 4,066 sec
    0-160 km/h............ 7,933 sec
    0-200 km/h............ 11,400 sec

Note: All measurements have been made on the Test Track, using automatic shifting,100% upgrades, full throttle as soon as the "Go" appears and no nitro. These values can vary on different surfaces, with manual shifting and different driving styles, as well as other upgrade settings.


  • In FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage only, Curtis Wolfe drives this vehicle in Street Class events.
  • The Switchblade is a derby class variant of this car.
  • This car does not feature any race markings or numbers.
  • Due to its solid suspension, this car usally doesn't have big problems with jumps of any kind, making it a good choice for players whose primary method of collecting Nitro is jumping.
  • The engine is a carburated V8.