Sparrowhawk in Flatout 2

Sparrowhawk is a Street Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. It is one of the best in the first tier, having the highest top speed and acceleration. However it is hard to handle, and has a small nitro capacity. Its rear wheel drive capabilities, however, compensate for the poor handling and can get it around corners pretty well if in the right hands. Has average weight and strength. The Sparrowhawk is driven by Lewis Duran.

It easily spins out, although it is also easy to recover from a spin at high speeds. Its rear heavy nature allows it to corner particularly fast and it accelerates like a bat out of hell. It is very low slung: This is not good for crashing into other cars, but cars with a high ground clearance (e.g. Speedshifter) may just drive over the Sparrowhawk without damaging it. Its low slung ride is very bad for landing jumps and it is advisable not to take any long jumps. It fares surprisingly well against road debris though.

Not a bad derby contender, the Sparrowhawk's small size and excellent acceleration makes it difficult to hit. Combined with fast cornering and good grip, the Sparrowhawk is excellent at brawling and can literally run circles around the more sluggish cars such as the Canyon or the Scorpion. It is not a good fighter against small cars such as a Chili Pepper however, which could match its brawling capabilities.

The Sparrowhawk has changed somewhat in Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. It has even better acceleration and stronger nitro, but a slower top speed.

In Flatout 2, it has a 6.000 rpm redline, which is fairly low for a rear-engined sports car, even for a carburated V8.


  • SPEED: 8,0
    Sparrowhawk 2

    Sparrowhawk in FOUC

  • HANDLING: 3.2
  • STREGNTH: 7.3
  • WEIGHT: 4.4
  • NITRO: 9,0


  • The number plate is SDL 668. This is the most common form of windshield wiper, and may be a reference to the fact that the Sparrowhawk lacks any.
  • The Badge strongly resembles the Porsche logo. 
  • The Sparrowhawk closely resembles a DeTomaso Pantera.
  • As it has been already said, the car has a V8 carburated engine.