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Sofia Martinez

Sofia Martinez is a driver featuring in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. Sofia was born on March 12, 1977 in Mexico, Mexico City. She is Pisces by her zodiac sign, and by the eastern horoscope she is a Snake. She is a professional racer. She is 29 years old. Sofia has braided black hair and brown eyes. She wears a short silver jacket over a black crop top, as well as blue trousers and black boots; she also sports three earrings on her left ear, and one on her right. Sofia is known for being one of the strongest competitors in the games.

Her original name was Valerio Vega.

Sofia's Signature

In-Game Description[]

An ice cold professional racer, Sofia isn't easily lured into crashes and prides herself on racing clean.

Driving Style[]

Martinez is one of the strongest drivers in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, rivaled only by Jack Benton. She's highly skilled and prefers a clean driving style, avoiding collisions when possible.

Sofia is an average driver in the Derby Class. She drives the slow and light Chili but often secures a decent position, due to her skill. However, she is easy to push around due to the size and strength (or lack thereof) of her vehicle. Due to the weakness of the Chili, Sofia performs poorly in demolition derbies, and is often wrecked right off the bat.

Sofia is a good driver in the Race Class. She drives another lightweight vehicle, the CTR, but it is fairly nimble, so coupled with her clean driving skills, she can often secure a decent position in races. However, she is yet again very weak in demolition derbies, due to the CTR's lack of strength and weight.

Sofia poses a major threat in the Street Class. This time around, she drives a much stronger and heavier vehicle, the Canyon. As usual, her style of driving is quick and clean, and it's harder to throw her off track than in the other two classes, due to the weight of the Canyon. However, if thrown off track, it can be difficult for her to regain her place in the ranks. She does very well in demolition derbies, due to the Canyon being much stronger than most other vehicles of its class.


Sofia's identifying color is grey.


Her cars bear a grey or silver paint job with blue tribals. The number 19 is present on her Chili and CTR vehicles.

Derby Class: Chili

Sofia Martinez Chili.png

Race Class: CTR

Sofia Martinez CTR.png

Street Class: Canyon

Sofia Martinez Canyon.png

In FlatOut 2[]