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A stock Slider at the junkyard in FlatOut

The Slider is a Silver Class vehicle in FlatOut. Its diminutive size and large engine make it a great mid-game choice for drivers.


Powered by a 3.4 liter V6 engine and weighing in at just 1984 pounds, the Slider has an excellent power to weight ratio in stock form, and even more so when upgraded. Despite its name, the car is relatively sticky on dirt and asphalt courses, mostly thanks to its short wheelbase. It cruises well at high speeds, though torque and overall pickup time are lacking compared to other cars. What's more, its small stature and low weight make it a prime target for more aggressive drivers in larger vehicles.

The Slider is a relatively balanced vehicle, but suffers from poor weight distribution (being noticeably front-heavy) and soft suspension. Drivers must take great care when driving over large bumps or debris, as the car is prone to damage from even the mildest of impacts, be they from other cars or roadside scenery. To make matters worse, the car's drive-train is very fragile, and axles are easily broken after landing hard jumps.

In derbies, the Slider's performance is not the best, as its fragile construction and low weight make it an easy target. Players must learn to use the car's agility and small size to their advantage, dodging opponents and causing accidents between other drivers before moving in to mop up the rest of the competition.


  • At less than a ton, the Slider is the lightest of the Silver Class vehicles.
  • The car makes 284 horsepower when fully upgrades, giving it a moderately good power to weight ratio.
  • Unlike other cars in the game, the Slider's exhaust pipes appear to be made of chrome or stainless steel, and are immune to damage. It is the only car in the game that will continue to keep its exhaust pipes, regardless of any accident or impact.