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Shaker. Demolition speed.

Shaker is a Derby Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

The Shaker is the fourth vehicle to be unlocked in FlatOut 2 and Ultimate Carnage. It is reasonably fast and is arguably the best-handling muscle car.

It's driven by Jason Walker in Derby events.

A restored and upgraded version of this car appears in the Street Class as the Scorpion and is driven by Ray Carter.

FlatOut 2 EraEdit

Redline: 6.500 rpm

Price: 5500 CR

Shaker in Flatout 2

Drive RWD

Stock PerformanceEdit

Top speed 3,5 (211 km/h)

Acceleration 5.8 (4 Gears)

Handling 6.6

Strength 7.7

Weight 6.6

Jason Walker's Shaker in Fo2.

Nitro 1.6

Fully UpgradedEdit

Top Speed 5.2 (245 km/h)

Acceleration 6.4 (4 Gears)

Handling 7.8

Strength 8.1

Weight 7.3

Nitro 2.6

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage eraEdit

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Shaker in FOUC.

In Ultimate Carnage, the Shaker has undergone significant changes, with new statistics and a style.

A submerged Shaker.

Top speed 4.9

Acceleration 6.1

Handling 6.6

Strenght 8.5

Weight 3.0

Nitro 2.6

Drive RWD

Trivia Edit

  • The engine is a big block carburated V8.
Flame shaker2

Jason Walker's Shaker in FOUC.