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Roamer in Flatout 2

Pink Fuzzy Dice on the floor of the Roamer.

Roamer is Derby Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

The Roamer is perfect choice for new drivers, being strong and easy to handle. Also fast enough to finish first if you keep mistakes to the minimum level, and it's one of the toughest vehicles in the Derby Class.

It resembles a 1974's Chevrolet K10.

It's driven by Sally Taylor.

FlatOut 2 era.[]

Redline: 5.000 rpm

Price: 5000 CR

Drive 4WD


FlatOut 2 Roamer test

FlatOut 2 Roamer Test.

Stock performance[]

  • Top speed 2.1(180 km/h)
  • Acceleration 3.6 (3 gears)
  • Handling 8.8
  • Strength 8.5
  • Weight 4.6
  • Nitro 1.5

Fully performance[]


FlatOut 2 Roamer race

Roamer in FlatOut 2. Race

  • Top Speed: 3.9 (210 km/h)
  • Acceleration: 4.2 (3 gears)
  • Handling: 10.0
  • Strength: 8.5
  • Wight: 5.1
  • Nitro: 2.6

FlatOut 2 Roamer derby

Roamer in FlatOut 2. Derby.

FlatOut: Ultimate carnage era[]

Roamer in FO:UC

In FOUC the Roamer has been changed.

  • Top speed 1.3
  • Acceleration 2.6
  • Handling 8.8
  • Strength 9.0
  • Weight 5.6
  • Nitro 2,5

Drive 4WD


FOUC Roamer race

Roamer in FOUC. Race


FOUC Roamer derby

Roamer in FOUC. Derby


  • Its 4WD drive is linked to a big block, carbureted V8. (Game model)
  • In FlatOut 2, the player starts his/her career with 5000 CR. The Roamer is also unlocked and costs 5000 CR. It's suggested to spend all your money on the Roamer instead of the Chili, due to its strength and the many possibilities to win.
  • Roamer is the strongest, easiest to handle and the most expensive car offered at the beginning of the game, making it the best choice overall.
  • The Roamer is the strongest Derby class vehicle but not the easiest to handle. The handling is second best to the Blaster XL.

FOUC Roamer Time Trial

Roamer in FOUC. Time Trial.