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Jill in FOUC

Jill Richards is one of 11 drivers in FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. Jill was born on May 11, 1987 in the UK, London. She is Taurus according to the sign of the zodiac, and according to the eastern horoscope she is Rabbit or Cat. She's a punk rocker. She is 19 years old. Compared to the clothes and style of the rest of the drivers, Jill is more extravagant. She has light complexion and shoulder length hair of a deep pink hue. She wears a light green T-shirt and a purple skirt with suspenders, as well as shin-level socks and sneakers, and has brown eyes.

In-Game Description[]

Former guitar star and a current racer, Jill is aggressive, but doesn't necessarily have the instinct for situations.

Driving Style[]

Richards is a very inconsistent driver. She is often found in the top 3, but also sometimes found crossing the line last. Her strong point is street racing, as her Terrator is a fast, well balanced car.

Often places in podium in Derby-class, Jill drives a very good Splitter well. She can be aggressive and rarely makes mistakes. Also a good derby driver, she is agile and fast.

A poor driver in Race class, Jill drives a slow Mad Rash. Nonetheless she is efficient, aggressive and rarely gets Wrecked. A big threat in derbies, her Mad Rash is surprisingly agile and strong.

A good driver in Street class, Jill is an efficient and clean driver of the fast and agile Terrator. She rarely makes mistakes, but often gets Wrecked due to the Terrator's very low strength. A mid-tier derby driver, she is agile and often outsmarts her opponents, but her Terrator lets her down.


Jill is identified by her purple color


and her cars have 'JILL' written on the side in bright yellow paint.

Derby Class : Splitter

Jill Richards Splitter.png

Race Class : Mad Rash

Jill Richards Mad Rash.png

Street Class : Terrator

Jill Richards Terrator.png

In FlatOut 2 (which were not released)[]


Mad Rush