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Grinder. The mad power.

Grinder is a Derby Class car in FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, and the second one of the 2 new cars in the game, with the other one being Bonecracker.

Grinder is one of the fastest cars in the Derby class.

It highly resembles a 1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

It's driven by Lei Bing.

In FlatOut, there's also a car named Grinder, but the model was been revamped and named as the Boxer included in the Race Class from FlatOut 2 and FO:UC.

Grinder in FOUC

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage era.[]

You can only drive this car in FOUC.

  • Top speed 7.5
  • Acceleration 7.8
  • Handling 4.3
  • Strength 9.2
  • Weight 4.3
  • Nitro 5.7
  • Drive RWD

FOUC. Grinder race

Grinder in FOUC Race


FOUC. Grinder time trial

Grinder in FOUC. Time trial.


FOUC. Grinder derby

Grinder in FOUC. Derby.


  • The license plate of the Grinder reads "K4-W411" which stands for "Kawaii" (cute in Japanese).
  • 00606 lCMs3kcj15Kz 0ak07e 600x450.jpg
    While the Grinder is largely based off of a Pontiac Firebird, the front Bumper does seem to be based off of a 1980-82 Corvette