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A stock Fasthammer at the junkyard in FlatOut.

The Fasthammer is a Silver Class vehicle in FlatOut. Powered by a low-displacement V8 and weighing in at over 3600 pounds, it is the second heaviest vehicle in the entire game.


The Fasthammer is powered by a rather diminutive 3.8 liter V8, which is the lowest displacement of that type in the game. What's more, it weighs in at over 3600 pounds, putting it just beind the Bonecracker for the heaviest weight in-game. That being said, the car's performance is rather astonishing, as it is relatively quick off the line, has an excellent top speed and great hitting ability, despite bad body deformation. The car's chassis is well designed to handle its bulk, as it is quite nimble through the corners (though under-steer is still noticeable). The suspension of the car is also quite tall and rigid, allowing the vehicle to land relatively difficult jumps without major harm.

In demolition derbies, the rugged suspension, high weight and high ride height help the Fasthammer greatly succeed over its rivals in the mud bowl. While not quite as nimble as some of its smaller counterparts, the car's brute strength and excellent integrity make it the premier choice for fighting opponents both in the ring and on the track.


  • The Fasthammer is the only four-door sedan available in all of FlatOut. The rear doors are very difficult to detach, however it is not impossible, as was stated earlier (see comment below).
  • The car features both a front air splitter (also known as a "chin spoiler") and a rear wing. Whether the aerodynamics actually have any affect is unknown, though the vehicle's handling could be attributed to its aerodynamic features.
  • The car makes 290 horsepower when fully upgraded, giving it one of the lowest power to weight ratios in the entire game.