Farmlands 1 overview

Farmlands 1 overview

The Farmlands 1 is one part of the big Location: Farmlands in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultmate Carnage.

This track in the field.


​Speeding around a great lake, this race takes you into wide open farmland and recreation areas suffering from flash floods.

FlatOut 2 eraEdit

FlatOut 2 Farmlands 1

FlatOut 2 Farmlands 1

Gameplay in the FO2

In FlatOut 2 there're not a lot of objects, but the track is really speedful and mad. The narrow bridge, old farm and much water making this track one of the most interesting in the game.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage era.Edit

Farmlands 1- Cloudy day

Farmlands 1- Cloudy day


FOUC. Farmlands 1- Sunset

In FOUC the Farmlands 1 has been changed.

Now, you can race by day and sunset.This means that you can change the time of day and play with different map's lights.

This is one of the most fast and mad track in FOUC. Very speedful, this track got so much scenery objects and gard corners.