Chili is a Derby Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. It is one of the three choices for the player's first vehicle when starting Flatout.
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Chili in Flatout 2.

It resembles a dilapidated Renault 5/Le.

Although the Chili is very slow (the slowest car in the game) it is also very light and durable. It performs well in tight circuits, but is a poor choice in derby events, at least for the more aggressive driver.

The Chilli is the derby car of choice for Sofia Martinez.

The Chili is the derby variant of the Chili Pepper, in the Street Class. The Chili Pepper is driven by Katie Jackson.

The Chili bears some resemblance to the Pepper in the original FlatOut

FlatOut 2 eraEdit

Price: 3000

FlatOut 2 Chili test

FlatOut 2 Chili test

Chili test

Drive RF (Rear Engined, Front Wheel Drive)

Redline: 6.500rpm


Top Speed 1.7 (172 km/h)

Acceleration 4.1 (4 gears)

Handling 7.1

Strength 6.9

Weight 1.1

Nitro 1.0

Fully UpgradedEdit

Top Speed 3.6 (205 km/h)

FlatOut 2 Chili race

FlatOut 2 Chili race

Chili in race. For a start it is not bad car.

Acceleration 4.8 (4 gears)

Handling 8.3

Weight 1.4

Nitro 2.6

FlatOut 2 Chili derby

FlatOut 2 Chili derby

FlatOut 2 Chili in derby

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage eraEdit

2011-12-02 00038

Chili in FO:UC.

Ultimate Carnage, the Chili has been changed.

Top speed 3.9

Acceleration 5.0

Handling 7.1

Strenght 8.0

Weight 1.2

Nitro 2.4

FOUC Chili race

FOUC Chili race

Chili in FOUC. Race.

FOUC Chili Time Trial

FOUC Chili Time Trial

Time trial in City Central 1

FOUC Chili derby

FOUC Chili derby

Chili in derby. FOUC

Trivia Edit

  • The engine bay resembles a transversally mounted inline 4 engine. How this was achieved with a rear wheel drive car is up to discussion.