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Bullet GT in Flatout 2.

Bullet GT is a Street Class car in FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. In game, it is a cleaner and modified version of the Race Class Bullet.

It is a modfied muscle car based mainly on the 1970's Dodge and Plymouth E-Body cars.

Called "Bullet" not by chance, it is the fastest non-bonus car in Flatout 2 and Ultimate Carnage. It can reach over 250km/h (155 mp/h). In addition to its fast speed and high strength, it has one of the worst handling capabilities in the game. With enough practice, one can control the car with confidence.

FlatOut 2 Edit

The Bullet GT is a modified version of the Bullet, as stated above. The car features taillights based off the ones found on the 1970 and 1971 Dodge Challenger. The front is a mix of the 1967 Pontiac Firebird, 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda, and the 1970 Ford Torino, while the greenhouse area is similar to the 1970 Ford Torino. The car features a scoop that is found on the Pro Modified class of drag racing cars, possibly a Harwood scoop. This is the reason why the handing is of a drag racing car, but can be solved by using the handbrake. The car features a flame style paintjob, and stripped down version of the Chrysler Rallye wheel.

It is undoubtedly one of the fastest cars in the game with the strength to battle the strongest cars. However it also sports horrible handling characteristics that make it one of the trickiest cars to use. It is front heavy and often dips its nose while landing. It seriously lacks low-speed grip and it will often spin at low to medium speeds. It is also unstable at high speeds and most bumps will cause the Bullet GT to lose control at high speeds.

A good derby contender, the Bullet GT has decent acceleration and strength, only let down by lack of grip and difficulty in control. A difficult car to master.

Flatout Ultimate Carnage Edit

In Ultimate Carnage, the Bullet GT's headlights are changed to hidden ones in the style of a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, and its rear lights are based on the ones found on the 1972-1974 Plymouth Barracuda, but with 6 tailights instead of 4. It also has new rims, based on Cragar S/S wheels. Everything else has remained mainly unchanged.

Its top speed has decreased and its stability improved.

Fouc bullet gt

Bullet GT in FO:UC.


  • There are pink "fuzzy dices" in the trunk, found in a few other cars.
  • Its number Plate reads "9O-RLY8" (Oh, Really?).
  • EDITOR'S NOTE: ORLY? ^(o)V(o)^
  • The engine is a carburated V8.
  • None of the AI drivers drive the Bullet GT in Flatout 2 or in Ultimate Carnage.


Close-up of the air intake on the hood.


Two monsters racing. Bullet GT vs. Jason Walker's Speedevil.