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A stock Bullet in the junkyard in FlatOut.

The Bullet is a Bronze Class vehicle available in FlatOut. Costing $4000, it is the most expensive Bronze Class vehicle available from the beginning of the game.


Powered by a 2.8 liter V6, the Bullet is an admirable performance car from the very beginning. While its acceleration is quite poor, even for a Bronze Class vehicle, its top speed is quite impressive, with some drivers being able to hit speeds up to 125 MPH in a straight line. The car's tall, strong suspension and great structural integrity make it a good choice to stunt with, though overly ambitious jumps will often result in heavy damage to the car's suspension. This will often result in very problematic axle hop, which impedes the vehicle's performance quite heavily. Players should use the car's excellent speed and heavy hitting ability to their advantage, as this is often the best choice to win races.

In demolition derbies, the Bullet is a good choice for players at the beginning of the game, though its overall structural integrity is still not the top of its class. The car makes up for this with its heavy weight and hitting ability, often tossing away smaller cars without any major issues. However, players should still be on the lookout for opponents that are coming in at high speeds, as the car is relatively difficult to get moving once it is stationary, and dodging high-speed opponents can be quite difficult.


  • Making 212 horsepower when fully upgraded, the Bullet is the most powerful of the Bronze Class vehicles at the beginning of the game, but has the lowest power to weight ratio, at 121 hosepower per ton.
  • The car's styling is almost identical to that of a 1969 Pontiac Firebird, albeit with a crosshair grill instead of a split one.
  • Similar to the Grinder, the Bullet is very much a muscle car with a small engine, having good straight-line performance, but lacking cornering abilities.